Friday, October 18, 2013

Team Modernize


Have you wanted to contribute to a major Plone release but felt nervous or perhaps feeling a bit like you don't have the chops (aka impostor syndrome)? Can you spare a 1-4 hours? Have I got a deal for you!


It has been a VERY busy summer and I may have disappeared for a bit to actually make money but I'm getting back into the swing of things and rediscovering a PLIP I proposed, thanks to some lovely nagging by @bloodbare.

 In one year, many things have changed and Plone 5 is real. We started at the Plone conference in Arnhem and things just lagged - MY BAD! The problem with this PLIP was that it is a bit overwhelming and I just couldn't get motivated to continue. To be fair no one else did either because its a mega poopy task. It was difficult to track and the branches were dizzying. Lucky for us all, we can move forward differently in a way that is a bit cleaner.

I have carefully broken apart this PLIP* into a lots of tiny little pieces. Each task should be around 1-4 hours. Some may even be shorter than that. If you want to help with this PLIP all you have to do is:

  1. Get the Plone 5 buildout running on your machine. This is the master branch (it's so exciting!). If you have not signed a contributor agreement yet don't let that stop you. Send it my way to and we will get you started.
  2. Accept a ticket from the list of baddies. Some tickets are literally just "Delete these files and make sure no tests break". Yep. Get those before they are gone!
  3. Modernize like mad
  4. Run test cases locally
  5. Commit the changes and make a pull request. Make sure to indicate the ticket number in the request. The pull requests go to master branch.
  6. Make sure to followup with jenkins and the other robots to verify you didn't break the build. In theory they actually yell at you!
  7. GOTO 2**

And that's it! For your help you will get:

  1. My undying admiration and appreciation
  2. A chance to participate in a major open source software release (very cool stuff)
  3. Upon Plone 5 launch, a t-shirt, laptop sticker, or fez celebrating the release of Plone 5 and indicating that you were a core contributor in the decrufting of this bad boy. ***
  4. The chance to save that dirt old feature you love, or remove that buggy old feature you hate
  5. A chance to go through the pull request cycle with a group of people who are committed to be very sweet while giving you code review and pointers. What other PLIP can guarantee that???
I am here to help through the whole process. If you are interested and still don't know where to start, just find eleddy on IRC and I'll walk you through it. These tickets are a once in a lifetime way to get involved in a major framework and a major release.

I can't do it alone, Ploners. Together, we can decruft this bad boy all the way to Plone 5. 

* There are indeed still some tickets remaining to be made and I promise I'll get to those soon! That doesn't mean I don't need help now!
** or not. Seriously, if you just picked one ticket I would still jump for joy!
*** I promise to think of something clever

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