• We are a virtual user group from women- not just for women only. This user group is presented, maintained, and sponsored by women in the Plone community.
  • Provide a comfortable, welcoming place for those who do not want to use other Plone channels of communication. We are an alternative option, not a replacement.
  • Market Plone as a female friendly community.
  • Promote Plone as a thriving, diverse community. A place where diversity of all kinds is welcome.
  • Provide support and camaraderie among women in technology/open source.
  • Encourage women to get involved in technical fields in general.
  • Create awareness and cause a culture shift within the community.
  • Be involved, be visible, be vocal, contribute, participate. Get better at representing ourselves as a part of the Plone community.
  • We are a group that supports women, not a girls only club.