Saturday, August 25, 2012

Plone South America Sprint Report: Day 1!

Holy Moly! Plone Symposium South America has been amazing, and the strong local community really shined through today at the sprints. I usually don't do these report things but I'm just so golly proud I'm going to gush about all that got done today at the sprint that has no name!

Fun Facts:
* 18+ new contributor agreements already
* 6 people made their first commit to Plone core today already. Many of these people have been plone users/integrators for 5+ years so I'm really excited to get their input into core going forward
* Plone has an amazing community in South America that takes names and kicks ass
* Only 2 machines had buildout issues and both were resolved in under 10 minutes. That has to be some kind of a record.

plone.api gathered even more momentum. A sampling of what got done:

 * closing open tickets and adding several new methods
 * update error reporting so that errors are useful
 * support for localized documentation in sphinx
 * tests for dexterity support
 * code for granting roles locally and globally

plone.api.json was born and core implementation completed. Testing, docs, and hopefully a demo will be worked on tomorrow.

The Plone TODO tutorial is almost done. We did a coding dojo with 6 people, 3 of which were php developers, to test the documentation and find holes. It could use a couple more passes and some refining but please check it out and report bugs there! It is fully tested, and will be guaranteed to work with new releases of Plone.

Internationalization of buildout.coredev docs into Spanish and Portugese has been started and a LOT of progress is made. It's become very clear to me personally that getting started in Plone has been hindered for a long time by assuming proficient knowledge of English. If anyone is looking to translate key docs for the coredev buildout and plone.api into a local language, please join us in #sprint tomorrow or just holler a bit and I'll find you.

Plone IDE debugger has been fixed and now working on integrating rope.

In addition we got several major bug fixes from for, excellent support from Interlegis for wifi and a place to crash, and super yummy pao de queijo.

Who knows what will come of tomorrow. Having a boring weekend? Join us in #sprint!

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  1. Of course it has a name ! it's the ______________ sprint ! :P